Levitra 60mg – Generic Vardenafil

Levitra 60mg – Generic Vardenafil

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Suffering from extreme erectile dysfunction no longer will it be the case. Levitra 60 mg is the highest dose to overcome extreme erectile dysfunction in a man. It overcomes impotency to let you enjoy sex like your younger days with full hard erection for deep penetrative sex. Just one dose of Levitra 60 mg is enough for the next 4 -5 hours. Take one dose of Levitra 60 mg 30-60 minutes before the planned sex. It increases and retains blood flow to the penis for 4 -5 hours. With the right sexual stimulation, the erection happens for sex. After one session, get another erection for the next sex session.

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How Levitra 60 mg do functions?

Levitra is a PDE5 inhibitor drug. Its generic name is vardenafil, an active ingredient in Levitra 60 mg. It prevents PDE5 from controlling the action of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide releases under sexual stimulation. It relaxes the blood vessels. The generic levitra 60 mg dose supports the function of nitric oxide to relax muscles and let the blood flow towards the penis. The blood flow in the penis is the first requirement for an erection. With adequate blood flow, an erection takes place with sexual stimulation.

Who is Vardenafil 60 mg made for?

  • For extreme erectile dysfunction cases,
  • Elders and seniors with an extreme case of erectile dysfunction,
  • Man with impotency due to lack of erection,
  • Man who does not get an erection with lower doses, and
  • A person who does not normally get an erection.

What are the benefits of the Vardenafil 60 mg dose?

  • It gives erection in extreme cases,
  • Hard erection for a man with a soft and dying erection,
  • Increase sexual stamina in elders,
  • Increases libido,
  • Overcome impotency,
  • Last longer in bed with partner, and
  • Get erection anytime within 4 -5-hour window

What is the safe dose of Levitra 60 mg?

For the best results swallow a tablet of Levitra 60 mg at least 30 minutes before the planned sex session. It starts action soon after. The impacts last for 4-5 hours. The blood flow will remain high during this period. With sexual stimulation, get the desired erection. Do not use two tablets of Vardenafil 60 mg in 24 hours. In case of an overdose immediate seek medical help.

Should I take generic Levitra 60 mg tablets with or without food?

Heavy and fatty meals slow down the absorption rate of the Vardenafil 60 mg in blood. It delays an erection. Take it on the empty stomach for faster results. But if you want to eat first, then wait for at least 2 hours before using a Levitra 60 mg tablet. Avoid excess alcohol to get a proper erection without frustrating delay.

Is there any side- effects of Vardenafil 60 mg dose?

Naturally, when the highest dose of any medicine is taken, it leads to some dizziness, a headache, nausea, blur vision, and flushing. But also you must understand that this highest dose is only recommended by a doctor when a user is judged medically safe for its consumption. What are the best natural alternates of Levitra?

Do I have to adhere to some precautions?

Yes, only if you are a patient. There are certain drugs that react with the Levitra 60 mg to complicate the medical problems. These drugs are;

  • Medicines for chest pain,
  • Nitrates and Levitra 60 mg can lead to serious blood pressure drop
  • Low and high blood pressure,
  • Medicines with nitric oxide as an active ingredient,
  • HIV drugs,
  • recreational drugs,
  • Anti blockers, antifungal drugs, antibiotics
  • any other drug for erectile dysfunction,

For anyone on one of the medications, please contact your doctor before using Levitra 60 mg.

Storage information

  • Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place,
  • Keep 60 mg Levitra in the original packaging,
  • Keep away from pets and kids,
  • Do not store in the bathroom,
  • Throw away after the expiration date, but not flush them out, or put them drain.

Which is the best place to buy generic Levitra 60 mg?

Meds Basket offers FDA approved Levitra 60 mg at the cheap prices with all necessary detailed information on safe usages. The Meds store is appreciated for its doorstep delivery. It is the online platform for buying famous brands in erectile dysfunction category in various doses.

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